There are many variables that could affect the price of dental implants. However, its average cost of one implant is between $1,000 and $3,000. But that’s just the implant. You should also add the cost of the crown and abutment, which cost is between $500 and $3,000. Therefore, the possible total cost of an implant is between $1,500 and $6,000. 

If you need more than one implant, then the price might more than double. If you also want to prevent dentures, you can opt for a complete set of dental implants that may cost you anywhere from $30,000 to $90,000.  

For example, the cost of your implants is $2,000. Add the crown and abutment costs, which are $2,000 and $400 respectively. Your dentist may charge you for $4,400 just for the implants alone. But then, you may also need bone grafts, x-rays, and tooth extractions. These are additional procedures that you must pay for as well. 

Why are Dental Implants Expensive?  

Because dental implants are very expensive, a lot of people are wondering why. First, you must consider that the procedure is a dental operation, so it can only be done by a properly trained dentist. The types of dentists who can install dental implants are only those with special training in implantology. Prosthodontists and oral surgeons are qualified as well. They are the professionals who can ensure that your dental implants are perfectly placed. 

Moreover, installing a dental implant is not a single procedure. Before you finish the whole procedure, you must see the dentist multiple times. Some of the requirements to get a dental implant are the following:  

1. Consultation  

During a consultation, the dentist will run tests on your teeth and mouth. He or she will need some x-rays done to check your gums, jawbones, and teeth. This stage qualifies you if you can get an implant or not. If the patient wants to proceed, then the dentist will need an impression of his or her mouth. 

2. Implant Insertion  

Here, the dentist will do some drilling the jawbone to put the implant in place. If needed, a temporary tooth will be installed at the end of the procedure. This method is like placing the foundation to make it ready for the next procedures.  

3. Abutment Placement 

 For this procedure, the dentist will screw an abutment onto the implant after the gum has healed. This is done after implant insertion. The abutment is the part that connects the implant with the permanent crown. Some dentists install temporary crowns after the procedure. 

4. Crown Placement 

At this point, the dentist will remove any temporary crown installed and put a permanent crown in its place. Permanent crowns look like a real tooth. This is the last step of the process and your implants are ready. 

Because of all these procedures, the actual dental implant cost tends to get very expensive. The procedure alone is quite complicated. You also have to add the cost of the materials needed and the expertise of the dentist will perform the procedure.